Cielarkorana Commitments

Our continual innovationl intechnique developing, enable us been one of the leading company in the world ballistic protection area.

Company Background

Specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing the High Performance PE Fiber (UHMWPE), Unidirectional Fabric(UD), Bulletproof vest, Bulletproof & anti-stab Vest, Bulletproof insert Panel, armor vehicle Panel, Bulletproof Helmet, Cut-resistance Gloves, High Strength Rope and other related products. With our own professional and reliable R&D team which consists of the Research Institute and Postdoctoral Program Research Workshop.

Cielarkorana Profiles

CierakoranaTeam proudly represents our self as the world safety concern.

All our product line is originate from Sweden and we have an expert in this field who specialize in high quality manufacture of bullet resistance and stab protection for wide range of user such as Body Armor, bulletproof shield, plate & helmet etc. for more than 25 years.

This way we can offer you a better selection and prices. Even better, you can discuss with the person in charge who will take the time and discuss your needs and ideal fit.

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Cielarkorana Products

  • Huge Size UHMWPE Armor Products
  • UHMWPE Filament Materials
  • Bulletproof / StabProofVest
  • Hard Armor Plate Series
  • Bulletproof Shield
  • Bullet-proof Helmet
  • Cut Resistant Grove